04 October 2010

It Does what it's told!

There is nothing to add, here, though. Looking back, it looks like that is a theme of this sad, old abandoned blog.

It is freeeeeezing in my apartment right now, and I'm too lazy to put on a sweater. I haven't eaten since breakfast this morning. I miss the light after work - the sun goes down so soon, this time of year. I like a long dusk. I also like the word "dusk."

OK. Time to eat something.

Poor Heather.

07 August 2010

Just bored

Sometimes I get this overwhelming desire to write something - anything, really. a shopping list, a short story starring my dog, a description of what is on my coffee table at this moment. I don't know why. I often don't act on this impulse, because really - who cares? I don't even care, especially about what's on my coffee table. I haven't written on this blog in literally years, but here I am, stumbling back after a long hiatus, to write...nothing.

I think I'll change that, though. I'll use this for something, and act on that writing impulse, because really - who cares? There's so much garbage on the internet it's not like my little pile of loose ends and knick knacks over here will even be noticed, so I might as well use it.

Maybe some day I'll even post more pictures.