15 February 2008


I just bought red shoes. Peep toe. 3" heel. I could not be more thrilled. I cannot wait until they are delivered to my door. I shall then wear them with everything, everywhere.
I will post pictures when they arrive.

07 February 2008

Vegas or Bust

I found out today that my company is sending me to Las Vegas in June, for a conference. I've never been go Vegas. What kinds of fun things can be done there, besides the gambling, strippers, and magic shows? Everything I know about Vegas I learned from CSI, by the way.
I'll be going with some other people from my office. Hopefully we'll have a little free time.

06 February 2008

by degrees...

I have two degrees in music. I am not currently using them. I...want to. I want to use them, even if I can't perform due to other life choices. I studied music for 7 years because I love it, and want to make a living with it.
So what could I do? Teach...in a classroom? Private lessons? Both of these are daunting to me, since my degrees are not in education, but performance. My pianomanship (tee) is somewhat lackluster, as well. I've always maintained that I don't want to teach, but lately it's been pulling at me, this music background. I'm finally moving past the letdown...and maybe seeing a different path...other questions are raised, like...teach whom? What grade level? Choir? Voice? I'd be horrible with instrumental anything, so I'd have to find a designated vocal position. I'm terrified at the amount of work it could take to go into teaching, and part of me still feels like I've given up something by not trying...I don't know. It's not for immediate decision, but it's there now.
I guess I should get the final draft of my recital paper finished, too...

Any thoughts, friends/random strangers who may wander over this way?