12 March 2008

Note to our IT Dept

(Taped to a computer mouse)

This mouse no longer works. I'm not really computer-savvy, but I think the corroded battery inside might be the problem.
I didn't want to throw it away in case there was an inventory of these things - but then I forgot about it, too; so I've been using [Boss Man's] old mouse, in case you were wondering where that one went.
If not, well - here's a broken mouse. Cheers.

06 March 2008

Public Grammar Announcement

Apostrophes are NOT used to make a word plural. Not even words that end with a vowel.
Stop doing it. The world needs the intelligent people to show themselves in the written word!

Thank you.

04 March 2008


Someone brought chocolate-covered strawberries to the office today.

I may come home with chocolate stains around my mouth, and I don't care.