06 March 2008

Public Grammar Announcement

Apostrophes are NOT used to make a word plural. Not even words that end with a vowel.
Stop doing it. The world needs the intelligent people to show themselves in the written word!

Thank you.


amber said...

Well, well, missy...so testy on the issue's.

I feel the need to raise some valid concern's:

1. What defines people with intelligent's? - I think those type of comment's are opinion's that create more question's.

2. What is the difference in apostrophe's before an "s" and after an "s"?

3. What are the rule's of apostrophe's? - Can you provide example's?

4. Am I one of those intelligent people's?

d.p. said...

Dang. Amber jumped on the irony before I could. I just have to say your dead-on with this post.

Kris the Girl said...

You are both making my left eye twitch. I thought we were friends!

Lori said...

Public Grammar Announcements? I like it. Very old school PSA.

Also? I had no idea there was a leprechaun named Kris, so famous it is Kris THE leprechaun.