07 February 2008

Vegas or Bust

I found out today that my company is sending me to Las Vegas in June, for a conference. I've never been go Vegas. What kinds of fun things can be done there, besides the gambling, strippers, and magic shows? Everything I know about Vegas I learned from CSI, by the way.
I'll be going with some other people from my office. Hopefully we'll have a little free time.


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

oh man! there's TONS to do in Vegas that doesn't involve...weird stuff. i've been there twice. granted, i was 8 and 9 when i was there, but man, i sure had a blast playing in all those arcades...ha.

amber said...

Get your own room and I'll get a plane ticket and call in sick 3 days!

Tonya said...

Well, it will be hot in June so there's always swimming or sun bathing.....but if that's not your thing visiting the different hotels is fun. They are amazing and huge and have great restaurants and shopping. I went there several years ago with my college roomies and we had a blast, but that was also because we are gal pals. So just go check out the hotels. OH and shows! You could sell both your kidneys to pay for a show!