01 April 2008

A long story short

Mini updates:

Amber (AKA Lunchmeat) rescued a dog out of traffic last week. She's sweet. She wants to cuddle at all times. She loves people.
She does not love our other animals. We're in the process of finding her a home.
She's also deaf...which adds to the stress of finding an understanding home.

Lunchmeat is going to be gone for three months. I'm mentally preparing myself for this. I have about one month to prep.

Job is going well. I'm getting a little burned out on the routine, but I think summer will help, with the endless ways to spend at least my off time. Plus we're getting into some more interesting projects, and that always helps.

I miss singing.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. It's 9:40 as I type this - and bed time.

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amber said...

Want to come to CO with me? (sigh)