21 October 2008

Thingy from Ambah.

1. Clothes Shop
Only when I have to, unless I'm REALLY bored and there's not a bookstore around.

2. Furniture Shop
I can't really afford it, so I don't really look.

3. Sweets
Yum. Chocolate especially.

4. City
I like the convenience of a city, but I like small towns - or suburbs - better.

5. Drink
Coffee, water, tea. I stopped drinking soda about a year ago and I don't even miss it.

6. Music
Yes. Yes, please. Thank you.

7. TV Series
The Office. Gilmore Girls. Project Runway.

8. Film
I fall asleep during movies. I'm such an old lady.

9. Workout
Yeah...uh huh. All the time. *eye roll*

10. Pastries
What is this even supposed to be about? I don't get this whole thing. Pastries? Seriously?

11. Coffee

I'm not tagging anyone. In fact, I apologize to anyone who read this.


amber said...


cassandra sagan webb said...

LOL, only eating 500 calories a day!? hahahaha, that makes me laugh! No way, sister! that's insanity.

Please read along on our quest. It's actually been kind of fun so far!