07 January 2008

Black and Blue

I have a rather remarkable bruise on my ankle right now. I discovered it in the shower this morning, when I thought I had...dirt? or something? on me, and tried to rinse it off. Bruises don't rinse off, generally.
This thing is about 4"X2", mostly green, with a couple of spots in it that are deep purple. There is also a hard-ish lump directly above the bruise that is a little tender, and the whole thing is swollen.
The best part? I have no idea what I did. No idea. No event over the last couple of days comes to mind when I think of what could possibly have caused this (large, swollen) bruise, and I'm pretty sure it's something that would be memorable, to leave such a mark.
And this is one story of my life, one that has been passed down from my mom to both my sister and me - we are a clan of women who bruise. Spectacularly. In general I think I'm a fast healer, from cuts and scrapes and such, but bruises just stay with me for weeks. I had a quarter-sized one on my upper thigh that was deep purple and hard two weeks ago, and is still visible as a shadow, a memory, of a bruise today. I've surmised that I must've hit the corner of the bathroom vanity - it lines up really well - but I have no recollection of doing this hard enough to bruise.

Anyone else (and by that I mean, any of the three people reading this) share this malady, or any other strange things on your body?


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Unfortunately, I do not share with you in this conundrum of magically-appearing bruises. I will, however, suggest that this bruise might possibly be a result of the Green Bruise Fairy, who attacks his prey while they sleep. Tonight, sleep with one eye open. They are vicious little things.

Magnus said...

I once had a deep memory of a bruise...its lingering malady darkened my fair skin for many days. I fell of my bike though, so it wasn't exactly a great mystery.

amber said...

I remember when Maggi fell off her bicycle...after crashing into a sidewalk?... :)

No, the huge bruise I have spanning across the outside of my calf right now...I remember quite distinctly -

I often remember the stupid things I do because, well, they are usually quite magnificent and then bruise - as a traveling trophy if you will.

But then again, I don't bruise that easily.

Tonya said...

I found a strange bruise on the back of my left leg just below my knee yesterday in the shower! How weird! I too have no idea how I got that bruise! I guess we have high pain tolerance! Yeah, we're tough broads!

AKtoDC said...

I'll one-up-you, I tend to sprain things without knowing it. Two years ago it was the ankle (I'm told by my doctor that it literally could have been something as dumb as walking off the curb the wrong way) and now it's my hamstring (turns out one uses their hamstring for almost everything). Though I guess the bruises are worse because they are clearly visible!