25 January 2008

Rambly Rambly

There's a casino burning in Vegas right now. It's pretty amazing to see. I don't think anyone has been hurt, but they had to evacuate the whole building.

I ordered little reading glasses yesterday. Staring at a computer screen all day makes my eyes hurt and I'd rather not go even more blind by 30...they are super cute, though. I might have to get another pair. I kind of like glasses...

I love this little laptop I'm playing with at work. It's so cute! It has a touchscreen! It has a handle! I just think it's adorable.

Lately I've been obsessed with televisionwithoutpity.com and the recaps of Project Runway. That guy makes me laugh out loud.

My dad is having radiation treatments right now. He said they're boring. At least each session is short. I love him a lot.

I'm really, really excited that this weekend is going to be warm. I used to love winters in Alaska, but winter in Oklahoma sucks and I'm soooo looking forward to a few warm days again.

I have an hour and 45 minutes left at work today. I'm very bored. The laptop is really cute...but I'm ready for the weekend.

I've been wanting to buy really girly things lately - lip gloss, a hair cut, nail polish...I go through these random phases of purchase-envy. It will pass.
I already bought some nail polish, though, before I realized what I was doing. My toenails look delicious.

I wish there was a good outlet of live music in OKC. Maybe there is, and I'm just not cool enough to know about it. I like going to see local bands/shows.

I miss performing.

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